Architect + Developer + Asset Manager. 

Leveraging over 50 years of collective senior management experience, the team specializes in acquiring, designing and developing assets located in attractive urban subā€markets of New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Vertical Integration.

Mortar has a unique niche in a highly competitive market: creating value for investors through a vertically integrated firm that is both architect and developer as well as asset manager. 

The firm model allows Mortar to maximize efficiency and value across several sectors that most developers or asset managers either do not have sufficient experience with, or direct access to. This combination has led to almost two decades of positive returns for investors, and zero losses of capital.

Vision with feasibility.

Mortar architecture ensures that its completed buildings are a clear and uncompromised reflection of the architect’s original vision. The firm accomplishes this by assimilating the reality of construction into its design process from the beginning of every project. This process produces design solutions that preserve beauty, livability, and environmental sustainability within a project’s true budget, timeline, and site constraints.

In a time when compromise is the norm, Mortar has built a reputation for high-caliber residential and commercial buildings that exceed expectations.

Construction with integrity.

Every Mortar development is informed by the firm’s architectural practice in order to generate the greatest return for its investors. By controlling both the architectural and construction side of projects, Mortar is able to maximize space while cutting the excess costs of construction management. The firm’s experience in creating distinctive, liveable spaces on time and within budget results in buildings that succeed in even the most challenging markets and for decades to come.